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Shipping Agents

Tahiti Yachts Base is proud

to present

its 'Shipping Agents',

need for refueling, security,

emergency parts, or even a crew,

entrust us with your problems,

we bring you our solutions

at an unbeatable price,

made trust us 




Fuel is an important part of a cruise or business budget, we take care of negotiating the best quality of gasoline and fuel at the best price by agreement with Pacific Petroleum service as the major south pacific distributor


Check the bill you will see the difference

Food and consumable replenishment:


Because gastronomy is an  essential  part of the trip, you cannot compromise on the quality of the ingredients. We are responsible for providing you with the best on the market, while providing you with the rarest and most sought-after products.

Technical assistance


A sudden accident, a breakdown, all these sudden things can darken a happy sky, don't worry, your unexpected is our expected, whether it's for a simple technical advice on navigation to repair, part order, or remarking, your unexpected is our expected:


- Selection of the best local technicians


- Import delays (spare parts or others) defying all competition


- Towing and rescue in all archipelagos

Artem Podrez



Crew is the world of difference, friendliness, respect, assurance, experience, people to whom you can enjoy your stay with complete peace of mind: 


-Selection at the best price of technical or commercial crews (captain, pilot, engineers, chefs, and stewards)


-Selection of world-class Master Guides

Ecological anchorages and moorings

 Specialist in ecological anchors, the partner company Ti ai Moana, imports, distributes and installs exclusively the models:   “MANTA RAY, STING RAY AND DUCKBILL” 
Our anchoring solutions combine environmental protection and respect for maritime sites. The company also performs chemical and concrete seals. Use of micropiles (TITAN bars). 

Photo de sergio  souza

Guarding – security – private dock in the city center

Need security, a private dock, we are in contact with the best on the market, with insurance, choose our services.

Hull cleaning and brushing

● Small or large boat, trust us today with the cleaning and brushing of your hulls.
● Brushing, underwater cleaning on the spot where the boat is moored or on our private site in the port of Papeete.


      Speed of work
      Competetive price
      Quality assurance

Partnership with the main maritime works company in Polynesia

For more than twenty years (2003) www.tiaimoana.fr has been operating

on all the archipelagos of French Polynesia.

The company has :


- Unique experience of the polynesia underwater context

- Unique accesss to advenaced martime technologies